Russell Brunelle's Electronic Scrapbook

  1. My original blog (12/25/07-12/30/16)
  2. Technical details for my 2010 cross-country bicycle trip (6/11/10-8/11/10)
  3. Technical details for my 2008 cross-country bicycle trip (1/30/08-5/28/08)
  4. Pictures from my 2006 cross-state bicycle trip (8/18/06-8/27/06)
  5. The web page for my 2003 Wonderland Trail hike (8/14/03-8/25/03)
  6. My doctoral dissertation
  7. The notes I took in high school and freshman college while learning to play the oboe

The aforementioned blog is also available here as one 536MB PDF file should the blogging service I used ever cease operations.